Preparing for Official test

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Examinations for motorcycle or moped

Here you can learn and pass the theoretical exam for motorcycle with ease. If you take a diploma for the first time, you should spend and car tests.

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Examinations for Truck license

For truck driving (over 3.500kg), require Category C Exam (C, c1). For professional drivers needed and the CPC (read below).

ετοιμα τεστακια υπουργειου διπλωμα οδηγησης φορτηγου

Examinations for Bus license

Test your knowledge of official examinations for driving bus. For professional driving and you will need ΠΕΙ (CPC).

εξετασεις ΠΕΙ επαγγελματικο λεωφορειο νταλικα

ΠΕΙ TRUCK CPC - official examinations testdrive

To have the right to professional driving no longer need to learn all the questions of the Book PEI and the study cases.

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ΠΕΙ BUS CPC - official examinations testdrive

Learn all questions about the PEI Bus, and tested your knowledge with easy application.

τεστακια ερωτησεις μηχανης μοτοποδηλατου